Culinary & medicinal herbs
• All the products can be prepared whole, cut, granules and powder form, and/or steam sterilized.
Basil. leaves  
Betula Aiba, folium  
Eucalyptus, leaves  
Gentian, roots  
Liquorice, roots  
Marjoran, leaves  
Olive, leaves  
Oregano, leaves  
Parsley, leaves  
Peppermint, leaves  
Rosemary, leaves  
Sage, leaves "Officinalis"  
Savoury, leaves  
Spearmint, leaves  
Thyme leaves "Extra-Fancy" 0,5 % Oil  
Thyme leaves "Extra-Fancy" 1% Oil  
Thyme leaves "Fancy" 0.5% Oil  
Thyme leaves "Fancy" 1,0 % Oil  
Thyme leaves "Extra-Fancy" 1,5 % Oil  
Uvae Ursis, leaves  
Valerian, roots (Valeriana Officinalis)